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Paige Cox

Born in Asheboro, North Carolina, Paige began her interest in art in high school when she began embellishing her own clothing. She found a love for hand made craft by being surrounded by the Randolph county pottery movement.

After beginning in the fiber arts program at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia, she found a new world of fibers that included classes on screen printing, weaving, spinning, felting, and 3-D design. All of these new skills combined into a desire to create on a daily basis.

After receiving her BFA at SCAD, she moved to Highlands, NC to work for Annawear and hand paint an apparel and home accessories line. She married her high school sweetheart and settled down in the Greensboro area. There she began creating her company; Lulugroove.

Lulugroove began after Paige began staying at home with her daughter, Riley and found time to create her own work again. The wet and needle felted techniques she used helped create a line of whimsical wool dolls. She began doing local craft shows and developed a strong following in Seagrove, Asheboro, Winston-Salem and Greensboro. Her work has been shown in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Arizona, and California. with her website being established in 2002 to spread her work even further.

The fun and colorful felt creations brighten up many window displays in local retail shops. Paige has made a colorful addition to the Greenhill Centers Winter Show and select pieces can still be found in the sales gallery and one exhibit. When taking a break from her wool creations, she creates vintage apparel and accessories.

About the Felted Collection

This collection was started out of my love for fibers and my insatiable need to "make stuff". Like me, my creations are whimsical and fun. The lulugroove is about soaking up life, experiencing color, laughing loudly, and loving everything in your path.

About the Vintage Collection

If there is an opposite of mass production, it would look like what is in the suitcase on the main vintage apparel page. I use vintage and recylced materials and hand craft them into life. Each item is unique, hand crafted, infused with the love it has seen in its previous use, and reborn as a work of art. Here are my rules: 1. You must appreciate vintage for what it is, a little worn but crafted probably better than what we buy today. 2. You must have fun with my products and love them as much as I do. 3. Keep in mind the women that wore or have sewn these pieces of history. Remember, they didn't have the opportunities we have today... So on that note - go conquer your dreams!

© Copyright 2006 Paige Cox